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P7 Medicine was founded in 2018 by a group of scientists, who have extensive knowledge, professional expertise and background in genetics, medicine and cell/stem cell therapy worldwide. Our aim is not only to enable people around the world to have a better understanding of their health condition (obesity, mood disorders, beauty and skincare, and risk of being affected by variety of diseases), but also to light on more efficient treatment options to help physicians dealing with complicated cases such as different kinds of cancers, using the latest clinical diagnostic and prognostic methods, state of the art devices, genetic knowledge and unique analysis algorithms.

P7 Medicine brings together its founders’ expertise in genetics, the understanding of DNA, the molecular & cellular medicine and the information that carries a deep desire to provide this knowledge in a way that ensures everyone can understand and benefit to the full.

Together with our clinical and technical partners, P7 Medicine develops clinical, diagnostic and prognostic tests and decision tools that not only guide your treatment choices in serious diseases should you become ill, but also give you vital information that can help you make your health choices at every stage of your and your family’s life.

What is p7cancer?

Although physical, mental and social wellbeing are the parameters used by WHO to define “health”, it has been shown molecular changes appear, sometimes years earlier, before diagnosis of any clinical symptom. Therefore, it seems health definition and distinction of a healthy and unhealthy person might have to be revised.

P7 Medicine has generated a special system based on novel science and technology through developing a new approach called P7MEDICINE®. 

Nowadays, this approach presents an improved healthcare system trying to pass conventional health borders.

Different stages of P7 medicine include:

P1. Predictive cellular testing

P2. Preventive healthcare

P3. Precision medicine

P4. Point-of-care testing

P5. Personalized treatment

P6. Personalized monitoring

P7. Patient management 

which are assayed according to the oncology basis.

We perform this by using your own genetic information, combined with our own scientific knowledge and proprietary analysis algorithms and tools.

We take data from several assay and technology types and build in information about your health, family history and lifestyle, then apply our proprietary analysis and decision-making algorithms.

Finally, we provide consultation based on your results in a way that is not only relevant and accurate in advising on treatment decisions but also understandable and useful to you in self-managing your health.

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