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Why choose the P7CANCER?

As a premiere Personalized Medicine Institution, our aim is to ensure your wholesome and peace of mind. We provide each individual patient with a dedicated, highly qualified team to secure that the respective needs of all our patients are met quickly and affordably.

From advising to providing right solutions for different health conditions, P7MEDICINE has established itself as one of the most proficient and trusted organizations in Germany/ Iran.

We are glad to admit that we are eager to play an active and supportive role in the development of the personalized medicine.

Furthermore, we are committed to provide effective healthcare solutions to our esteemed clients. Our goal is to empower them with knowledge, so that they could manage their healthcare and avoid medication errors and malfunctions. Patients’ safety is our top priority and we take additional measures to deliver safe and quality service.

Our vision

Combining quality care & modern technology


To bring our vision to life, we applied the most up to date technologies supporting by professional scientists to convert pure science to an effective personalized cancer treatment.

Patients’ entry process

1- Consultation meetings

2- Administration process

3 -Sample collecting

4 -Molecular tests

5 -Bioinformatic analysis

6 -Reports generation

7- Cancer management

Our Services


Is one of our innovated precise personalized  medicine approaches, specially designed for the prediction , treatment and monitoring of different types of cancer

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Is a personalized approach of cancer immunotherapy. This platform is specifically be able to target cancer cells using tumor specific antigens

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Is a personalized management program that considers all aspects of  patient’s conditions through  regular consultation meetings

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Is the most VIP personalized treatment service that applied in Germany including of visa process, accommodation and treatments

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Recent Advances in Single-cell Genomics Techniques

Recent Advances in Single-cell Genomics Techniques

Single-cell genomics and its contrast with bulk tissue genomics analysesAfter the advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS), high-throughput measurements of biomolecules in tissues, especially RNA and DNA, developed rapidly. These tissue-level genomics approaches,...

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