ONCOASSAY® is one of our innovated precise personalized medicine approaches, specially designed for the prediction, planning personalized treatment options of cancer in people with or without familial history and personalized monitoring of cancer treatment and recurrence.

Using the most advanced molecular and cellular technologies, ONCOASSAY® investigates the individual tumor as a heterogeneous histologic and genetic tissue, based on patient’s tumor biology. To find the most functional types of mutations, complete transcriptional and translational analyses are conducted. There will be a team of oncologists, geneticists, and molecular biologists by the patient’s side in order to define the cancer risk and best treatment strategies.

As an important feature of ONCOASSAY®, patient’s conventional clinical data is converted to digital format and combined with all the molecular bioinformatic data, leading to a rich and concentrated electronic health file for each patient.

 Based on the diagnostic phase, ONCOASSAY® is divided into 3 different services of ONCOASSAY® A, B, and M, that are suggested by the aforementioned team, after first consultation.



(Asymptomatic phase)


Using modern and accurate genetic technology (NGS) and multigene panel analysis, based on patient’s blood sample, to identify personalized genetic risk for getting cancer.


Determination of genes associated with cancer susceptibility, planning personalized preventive strategies according to genetic signature pattern.


(Cancerous phase)


Using hybrid technology (transcriptomic and genomic analyses) based on patient’s FFPE tumor sample, primary and/or metastatic cancers, for finding better perception of tumor molecular pathways.


 Planning personalized treatment strategies, response prediction to chemotherapy/ immunotherapy / targeted therapy.


(In asymptomatic, treatment and post-treatment phases)


Evaluation of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and/or Circulating tumor DNAs (ctDNAs) based on patient’s liquid biopsy to determine tumor progression and treatment efficacy.


Tracking of CTC, monitoring treatment effectiveness and further recurrence possibility, planning personalized treatments strategies, response prediction to chemotherapy/ immunotherapy / targeted therapy.

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