ONCOTHERA is a personalized approach of cancer immunotherapy, specifically synthetized from patient’s tumor peptides.

A new generation of cancer vaccines has been developed for situations where viable tumor tissue is not available for a whole tumor vaccine. This peptide vaccine aims to identify only the immunogenic tumor   antigens specific to   each   tumor.   This   new   vaccine   chooses only   antigens   commonly   or expressed by the indication or expressed by the tumor, to create strong targeted and specific tumor vaccines.

There are two levels: the first is called The Universal Peptide. It is designed to target general

mutations shared across various common indications and to work across a broad range of HLA blood types. It is available right away and works on most patients.

The second is The Personalized Peptide. It requires a blood test to determine the HLA typing (Class I – low resolution 2-digit test). It also requires access to your paraffin block or slides to perform a genetic profiling test. Genetic profiling can also be ordered by your oncologist, or coordinated by us.

If previously conducted, the same results can be used. The vaccine is personalized to your blood type and to the identified mutations that are unique to your tumor.

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